Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Experience

Friends! This past weekend I had the opportunity to do some speaking when I was asked to present at the Olympic Orthopaedic Association Cycling Team's year-end function. They didn't have anything particular that they wanted to hear about, other than that they "love bike stories!".

I've wanted to get a message out there, and this was a perfect opportunity for me to try speaking with a purpose. Over the hour that I spent with the team, I was able to tell lots of fun (to me!) stories about the highlights of my first year as a professional. I also needed to mention the lowlight as well, and that's obvious what that has been.

I wanted to be able to share a sample of what goes through my head, so I put together this video with little tastes of some of the topics that I touched on.


Thanks to the OOA crew for giving me this opportunity!


  1. Ian! You are awesome! I hope your recovery is going well.


  2. Ian the Ion Cannon! You rock- Great presi. Love your reference to Shawn Achor's work... and the connection between Hogwarts and Harvard http://youtu.be/fLJsdqxnZb0

  3. Ian, Your talk was super. Keep being positive and thanks for pointing out what being positive can do.

  4. What a great talk! Everybody is cheering for your full recovery!

  5. I enjoyed your presentation and the opportunity to get to know you. Your positive attitude will get you far and is an inspiration. See you at the races....
    Brad Halstead - OOA team member

  6. Thank you for driving "all the way down" to our team camp to speak. I really was one of the most enjoyable and motivational talks I have listened too. Good luck this year. With your great attitude you are already a winner!!!

    Michelle Kautzmann