Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bikes are so good!!

Everyone! I rode bikes outside! When I pedaled, my bike moved forward! Times are good.

The above picture is what I felt like. At 14mph.

That's the exciting news as of lately, that I'm safe to be a productive member of society, by pedaling bikes, again! 

It's been really great to get out this week and ride with my friends and family. I also wanted to make sure I rode with someone every day as I ironed out the kinks. Plus #selfies!

Riding with dad!
Got David out on a ROAD ride. Just like the ol' days!

2012 HB Reunion! Fun times were had
The Condor soars! Awesome to ride with Alan again
Andy has taken lots of photos of me riding in the neck brace. So good to get out on a real ride with him!
Biking is amazing and I'm every minute reminded of how much I love it. As with anything you stop doing for 6+ months, riding bikes felt incredibly foreign the first several rides. My tires, I'm certain, were pumped up to 210 PSI the first several rides. My computer was no doubt displaying in the wrong metric, because the act of moving while pedaling felt incredibly fast.

Gradually, I've upped the distance and loosened my grip on the brakes. Times are good.

Speaking of good times, Marissa and I did this:

That is not a bridge in Seattle. Plus, what'd I say earlier about selfies! This is, I think, my first selfie that I've ever put on the internet. Maybe. Soak it in! We had a great trip down the coast with the only goal being to explore. We did lots of touristy things, as proven above, and had a nice visit to San Fran, Santa Cruz, and especially Petaluma. Here's something awesome: we drove down in Marissa's maglev vehicle and got radical gas mileage so we saved some major dollars. 

I just proof read this post and was reminded, by that last photo, of my darn teeth. Hey, guess what! I spent four hours in the dentist's chair last week getting oodles of root canals. As fun as that sounds, there are no visible changes but it's a good step towards eventual stumps being Elmer's glued on in the next bit. So, with that being said, here's my last selfie for the day:

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