Monday, April 4, 2011

An Ode to Go-Fast Juice

Oh Trader Joes sparkling water, why'd you fool me bro?
Your price seduced me, and your flavor teased me so
Wild Berry I thought, you'd make me go mighty fast
I went wrong, buying plastic, should've bought shiny glass

Never fooled by go-fast juice, never once in suspense
But I thought with my wallet, tried to save 40 cents
Instead of buying go-REALLY fast juice, I bought a small pretender
Should have packed San Pellegrino, now this I will always remember

Instead of being run, by the Juice that powers me the best
I was fooled by fancy colors, my habits were reset
I bought Trader Joes brand, and for this,
I regret
Had I bought the San Pelly, I would've lost a second less

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