Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elk Grove Recap

I really wanted to take a shower on Sunday, so luckily the weather played along. But first, I had to start in the bright sunshine. After Saturdays 27 corners per lap for 96 miles, Sundays course was the Time trial! Times 15!  Another race with lots of corners, including 2 U turns. Which was great if you could corner. With 4 laps to go, it got really dark, then cold. 3 laps to go the wind started picking up, and 2.5 laps to go the skies opened up. Luckily, it was pretty easy to find photos from the race.

First, we have a photo of the Doppler radar from Sunday in Elk Grove, Illinois.  Weather experts should know that Red and Orange signify "Heavy Rain" and "Very Heavy Rain".

Next, I found a picture of us just riding soft tempo in the group once the rain really started. Keep in mind that when I say it was raining, I really mean it was raining.

Then people still were pedaling reallllly fast (cough cough Adrian)

More then 1 guy back, everyone was having this experience! We were the ones on the right of the picture-

The problem with this is visibility becomes pretty slim. I tried to take a picture while racing, this is all I could get-

We all finished just slightly off the front group of ~35. Lang moved up 2 spots and finished in 19th on GC. Also of note: Steve, Gabe, and Lang get embarrassed in the sprint for 40th.

Chicago is famous for pizza, so we got some. We all had only one slice, except for Steve, who really needed some snacks. Lang, being Gluten Freeeeeee got a pizza that had no crusts, just SAUSAGE as the deep dish. Yeah. Here is a picture of Steve with one of the pizzas that we got. It's an optical illusion because that pizza is a size medium-

Finally, our host dog was as I like to say, 4loko crazy.

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