Monday, October 10, 2011


EVERYONE! Today is my sister's birthday. 10 10 10 10 10 10 is the date on the Mayan calendar, but for my non-Mayan readers it is October 10th. Now, everyone wish her happy birthday. GO!

Anyways, I think everyone should know how cool T-Crane is. Most people for their birthdays do something cray cray: luxurious cruises, ride elephants, juggle flaming bowling pins, get crunk with the homies, rave like no other to worn-out cassette tapes of the Backstreet Boys, go to Wild Waves, play laser tag, fly in a hot air balloon, eat cake, pass out on the couch, wake up in a midst of candle smoke and wrapping paper scent, and finally, get free ice cream at Red Robin.

But not Tela. Today, she is doing some crazy difficult fitness testing at the Home Depot Center. She packed up all her stuff, moved to LA, was homeless for awhile, found a home, spends all day at the track lifting weights and riding bikes with one gear, all because she fully committed to a goal. She is trying to get selected to race in the Olympic Games in 2012. Yes, you heard that right. Oh say can you see, everyone watch the F out. How cool is that? How many of you have dropped everything, regardless of the cost, both monetary and emotionally, to follow your deepest dreams? How many people are brave enough to completely change their lives, to zero in on a goal as daunting as the OLYMPIC GAMES?

My friend Dan Harm said something that really strikes home. He said-

 "There're certain things you can be doing now you'll never be able to do later. Worrying about the future is a goddamned illusion. This is it".

Everyone should look at their lives. Are you doing what you want to be doing?  Have you committed to a passion? Are you actually committed? People like Tela are god-damn inspiring, and I'm incredibly proud of her devotion and dedication to something so difficult. Regardless of the outcome, it is motivating and refreshing to see full commitment and I am happy that my sister is so cool.

Even though keeling over from an effort or drinking recovery drink nauseatingly isn't really your typical birthday, what better way to celebrate than doing exactly what you want to be doing? Trading presents and elephant rides for Pinch-tests and motopacing isn't for everyone, but Tela is living for RIGHT NOW, and I admire that a lot.  I hope that everyone has someone to look up to as I do with my sister.

Happy birthday T! Love you!

PS, I didn't get you a present. Sorrrrry

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  1. Hi Ian, Thank you for admiring your sister. I think that is admirable. And, thank you for the inspiration. When you're in the beginning of tossing it all (or most of it) for the one thing you want to be doing, there can be some dark days. The reminder to keep at it, that today matters, is great to receive. (p.s. I read this on 10/11 but still sent the happy dbday tweet).