Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Click Worries

First, a definition for you. One click is the act of purchasing, originally on, where said buyer has the "amazon prime" option, then clicks "buy" and it charges their credit card and sends it to them in 2 days. One-clicking can evolve to other sites and locations with the same basic meaning; that money make the world go round. Cash rules everything around me-

Dolla dolla bill y'all. Anyways, someone in my house has a disorder! What do I do? Lil' Steve has the one-click problem. That little bugger loves purchasing things! I've tried to explain to the guy that student loans aren't free money, but I don't think he gets it. You have to pay those back! When Stevey spends piles of money that are at least 3 times as tall as he is I sometimes get a little jealous. Srsly, check out his purchases.

First, a special diamond necklace, a perfect replica of his own head!
Next he had to bedazzle his weapons.
Then he got an srm

And a van?

He saw that some other extremely wealthy souls buy exotic pets like tigers or sharks. Here is what Steve bought for our house!

That's actually a cat standing next to Steve watching TV
Not to mention 1000 other things.

BUT the whole purpose of this shindig is to not discuss anyones height or spending habits, but to show you what exactly Steve and I have been learning through this whole shopping frenzy.

The internet is crazyyyyyyy. Correct, shopping has taught us the simple fact that the internet is crazy and it's up to us to save ourselves from cardboard asphyxiation. I definitely did not spell that word right the first time. But I did spell Schwarzenegger correct the other day.

Continuing on, the whole purpose of this blog entry was to talk about just how things are being mailed now-a-days. Here is the process.
  • Steve decides he neeeeeeeeeeeds hand woven paper-towels from Equatorial Guinea.
    • Search "pretentious hand wipes"
  •  Amazon tracks down said product in their warehouse, gets its measurements.
  • Amazon takes this, and puts it into a mathematical formula that is something along the lines of:
    • Size of Goods x 5 + X = Perfect box size
  • Then, they fill this box with the small thing you actually order, and then stuff several rolls of the little life-vest esq plastic airbubble wraps into it so your paper towels don't get damaged in transit.
  • 2 day shipping begin!
So the real trouble-annoyance here is that when Steve gets approximately 4 packages per 5-day school week, our recycling bin (yes, we save the world) gets filled to the BRIM with stacks of cardboard upon cardboard. So what do I do? Yes, I get my creativity on.

Arts and crafts, crafts and art.
Steve and Matt making use of the stuff I've made

Cardboard clothes, Yep.

Whoa, everyone should check out this camera I made of cardboard and speaking of cameras what about DBCphoto.COM???

This turns into a real problem (or artistic journey?) when the things I buy (erasers, calculators, notebooks, flashcards) get shipped in refrigerator boxes. Study-swag.
    More proof the internet is crazy.


    1. Can Lang live in your cardboard rocket ship? He 1) has a space costume. "spaceman spiff". 2) is bugging me

    2. Yeah! He'd fit nicely. There is even a window just for him. Hahah, pnut. still funny to me