Wednesday, May 18, 2011

People of the Airport

More bike racing trips means more times to the airport. While some might view this as a hassle, I simply see it as an opportunity to grow as a person by expanding my awareness of people around me. Without further ado, I bring to to you: People of the Airport (hopefully volume 1).


Here you can see the struggle when one realizes they can't carry on their lighter fluids, camping stoves, and kitchen knives onto the airplane. A chaotic bag swap ensues, which is absolutely necessary to be done in the middle of the walkway. In order to successfully emulate, please do not consider moving to the side of the walkway.
 Southwest Airlines has a pretty fancy plane boarding procedure. It's free seats, and the time for you to get on the plane is determined numerically by when you check in online 24 hours in advance. For example, check in exactly 24 hours before your plane is set to depart, you will get a boarding number such as A4. Slack and check in 5 hours before departure, you are C48. Everyone has a number, and you board the plane in this fashion. But I've found that the best way to ensure you get on the plane when you have an A6 and a A 20 is to stand in line WELL BEFORE anyone else. Regardless of the fact that your number is your spot, and all you have to do is show up before your number boards, stand in line early. And I mean 20 minutes early before anyone boards.
It is quite important to look Professional and dignified when in the airport. A former coach who worked for Boeing told me that airline employees are more likely to give seat upgrades to people who look nice when at the airport. 

This is clearly a perfect representation of style. Mismatched joker socks, overalls, brilliance.

Don't forget to match your hat to your jacket to your bag to your jeans to your bluetooth! That's pro!

Welcome to Sea-Tac! It's 40 degrees and raining! But if you're a sports superstar, feel free to wear your sweaty jersey you played a game in earlier. No one can smell you!

Here is a show of contrast in airport attire, but both great representations of how to get that seat upgrade! For one, wearing an all white suit shows you're ready for prom night (and a boost to the aisle seat exit row!), and for the other, wearing the train conductors overalls show that just in case the pilot has an issue, you are ready to navigate the friendly skies!


And this is a skullet!

Wish to guarantee a front of the line spot? If you check in as C58, but want to board as an A1, wear this-

Flying on airplanes is no safe thing. That is why they spend the first 10 minutes of the flight telling you what to do in case of an emergency water evacuation when there also is a loss of oxygen. But luckily you can prepare for and prevent yourself from getting any injuries while flying!


After a long day of travel, it's a given you'll be tired and stressed. Why not put your feet up?
Also, we found Grant! (not staged)


But truly the best part about airplanes is when you leave the plane and the tunnel from the door to the terminal is filled of life size pictures of smiling employees, thanking you for flying on their companies airline!

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