Sunday, May 22, 2011


I forgot about a Get Rich Scheme! After watching the end of today's Giro stage, in which the leader finished in 7.5 hours (I know!), I was reminded of the only invention that is on my list of ways to get rich.

Much like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Iron Chef Michael Symon, I am always looking for inventions or additions that can make my life better. I present to you:


Have you ever been on a long ride or race, and several hours in wish that you could stop at the car to get a new layer of chamois creme? Unable to privately re-apply in the midst of a 200km road race? Slowly start thinking of the consequences of choosing the voler chamois instead of the correct choice, the Castelli?

For only $49.99 (prices and participation may vary), you can have your very own resupplying chamois creme apparatus. Simply attach the chamois creme "bladder" in between your seat rails and you're good to go! Whenever you're ready for another dollop of Assos, a _____ of DzNuts, or a serving of Sportique, just squeeze your thighs together twice! Voilla!

Call 1800******* for more details

*Currently there is a small hold up in this invention on how to get the creme from the under-seat bladder into the shorts pad. Investors needed. Patent pending

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