Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hello all.

What follows is a photographic representation of So-Cal steeze. A photographic representation of one man who says "all you guys dress different than me" and "whatever, it's chill". The following is a direct result of what happens when the Beach meets my pasty Seattle camera.

In remorse, and in honor of young Heeley's smashed in two collarbone, I present to you:


Commandments of Dannyswag:

Always roll in style-
Always surprise-

 Adapt with the locals-
 Dank snacks-
Not your Grandpa's socks-
Always be thin-
Steeze sits solo-
 Match the socks to the tan-
Get hazed onto a new cycling team-
 Hang with fly ladies-
Once you go black, you're gonna need to relax-
 Case in point-
Always be ready-
Remember your roots-

Cross-clash shirt to socks-
And finally, rock the shit out of that hospital kimono.

Heal up quick.


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