Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You see what I did there?? Its funny because my name is in that word! Right?!? I've been hanging around with real life, live in Canada, watch hockey Canadians and the "Canad" part of that word has been infiltrating my Americanized lingo. My mom is Canadmarie (get it!) so when I am around people I am not normally around who talk Canuckisms, I start to morph. I have caught myself saying Eh at least 4 times, I pronounce my words sharper, and when Celene Dion came onto the Pandora my national pride came out.

Food as been spectacular. Last night we pitched in on some salmon and we had a grilled salmon dinner with grilled veggies and really good rice. Another thing to do with food is the morning routine. Phil and I tend to wake up much earlier then everyone else, and thanks to some of the gospel spit by Ivan Dominguez, Phil likes to "take care of the sprinter", so while making a latte, he accidentally makes two and I consume one. It evens out though, because I totally did our laundry yesterday. Adorable! I had been meaning to buy a mesh laundry bag for awhile now, and I finally did at the Do-It Center the other day. It makes laundry so easy, never again will I end up with Spencers Dora the Explorer underwear static stuck to my kit, and my socks are always alive at the end of the wash and dry cycle.

We have been doing the bike practice, but that only takes so much of the day. Recovery is important so yesterday Kennett, Cody, and myself watched 5 straight episodes of the Office. It is pretty interesting to be around so many bike people that have their own routines, but in the big picture, we all are pretty similar. Stretching and massage are big parts of the day, and each of us do it, but in different ways. Dan does yoga on a pink yoga mat, Cody has some crazy chopstick-esq massage sticks, and I have the grid roller and the two tennis ball concoction.

Recovery part 1

Colin introduces style to his recovery
Yesterday we did our big ride, and it was good. Chris and Lang went up hill really fast and I watched them from a reasonable distance as to not disturb Chris's attacks. I also took my leg warmers off yesterday for the first time since September. Do I look more tan to you? No, but I did try.

Finally, Kennett recovers by playing Robot Unicorn Attack on the interwebs

Now more bike riding. It is supposed to rain later today, so I am out the door early.

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