Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recovering in the Redlands

We are now in Redlands for the next week to prepare for and race in the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Racing starts on Thursday with a short TT that is uphill. Very uphill. Back to thinking skinny thoughts. Friday is the 120 mile Beaumont circuit (??) race, Saturday is the Crit, and Sunday is the legendary Sunset loop.
Packing up in Covina. Leaving this
For this. Housing in Redlands.
We got into Redlands last night and met our new hosts and got settled in. I am staying with Cody and Lang, and we've already discovered the coolest thing in the house.

Lang adding some sophistication to the air mattress

Cody knows these things well. Apparently they have pockets
Turns out what I thought would be an acceptable blanket for my bed was actually a Snuggie. That is all. The other nice thing is that Lang made my bed for me
Lang knows a thing or two about air pumps
Redlands apparently has the worlds nicest people also. I was at a grocery store waiting in line to check out, and the cashier asked if I was here for the race. The lady behind me in line then promptly offered to pay for all my groceries! I was shocked! She was a cycling fan and just wanted to thank us for coming into the town to do the race. Very cool.

Here are some random pictures of the Redlands area. More later.

Orange trees
Part of the Sunset loop

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