Friday, March 25, 2011

We've moved. And raced once

Yesterday afternoon we left our house in the hills and headed South to various houses in the San Dimas area. The first step to actually leaving Agoura Hills was getting all our stuff together. This process was easier for some of us then others.
Spencers car, loaded professionally. Don't look to hard, you may see a printer
Plenty of headroom and eye sight. Ignore the 20 lbs of oranges
Dan and I are staying in Covina, which is maybe 20 minutes from San Dimas. Housing is a bit different then in the hills, and Dan and I are doing some serious space-related bonding. This apartment also is home to a Chi hua-hua dog (mouse) (bird) that makes noises I didn't think could come out of a creature with fur, not feathers.
Dans bed, with my fold out up next to it, with the wall right next to that
Today was Stage One of the bike tournament, a 6.8k uphill TT. Dan and I went out and rode the course in the AM, and hung around till our starts in the late afternoon. There is not much to say other then I went as hard as I could for this day on this course. But the real story is that after the race, we got the biggest burritos ever, for the best prices ever. Maybe not biggest ever (Actual biggest Burrito) but if I were to guess, the food we ate won for best Cost:Size ratio. There are no photos to confirm or deny these statements, but I can confirm that Spencer ordered the whole menu.

I also saw Sammy J and Sean P which was pleasant, but I was so flustered I forgot to take a picture. Here are some pictures I did take of myself and some teammates.

Me warming up for my TT

Joe Holmes, Director, Directing
Team Camp stage 1
Spencer pulls our super-aero Castelli skinsuits up and over his fresh road rash
Dan scheming
Tomorrow is the 84 mile Road race, which is 12 laps of a 7 mile loop, so its basically a circuit race, but I've heard that it is raced like a crit. So 3 competitions of the bicycle all combined in one race! I'm bringing the ferocity.

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