Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flight to New York

Today I flew from really early in the morning to really late at night. I was bored on the flight. I WAS BORED! I have a pretty awesome utensil for plane flying. It is called a Kindle Fire. I downloaded a free app that is a touch screen drawing pad.

So I started drawing. My fingers are WAY too fat to draw perfectly, but I think that these are pretty perfect. I was sitting next to Jesse and Kennett. So if anyone is offended, those are the parts that Kennett gave me input on.

Andddd there is the HB cycling team and staff! We're getting settled in to our host housing in Shushan. Tomorrow I'm going to ride my bike and ride NEXT to the road instead of on the road to prepare for Battenkill on Sunday.



  1. What is Steve doing in his drawing? traipsing through the tulips?

    1. The best thing about art is that you can interpret it however you want. And I love your interpretation.

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