Thursday, July 4, 2013

Madison Square Garden

We were at dinner yesterday (in Madison, WI) and I was sitting at the end of our table. Next to us were a pair of people who I immediately pegged as being on a date. Doug didn't think so, but I think that I proved him wrong with a combination of logic, flair, common sense, and suave demeanor. I mean, the guy was dressed super fancy-like, and the woman was wearing jeans. Anyways, I overheard some* of this date because they were basically on my lap. In one of his not funny stories, he was explaining to someone that he "was from Madison. NO NOT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN DAMNIT". I'm not sure that their date went well.


I'm having a very stressful morning. I woke up, and Jon had already connected his laptop to the hotel TV via HDMI cable with the Tour playing. Excellent. Then, we walked the 1/2 block to the coffee shop (which is also a liquor store. At first I was surprised, but then realized it was BroCal that took me there). When I returned from the coffee, wine, and spirits gala, Ryan's dad Dean had made us pancakes. I sat down, ate a pancake, drank a coffee, and here I am watching the Tour day Francia.

Nacer got dropped because he isn't wearing a skinflute

Rewind a little bit. I arrived at the Denver airport and snuck up on Kennettron. BOO! Here are some pictures involving Kennett.

This terribly taped cardboard box was not Kennett's?

Speaking (showing) of creeper photos, here's another!

Jon re-applied hair gel before we went to dinner. Pimpin' aint easy.

If you hadn't figured out yet, I'm in Madison for the National Championships. I came in yesterday, I am racing the road race Friday, and I leave Saturday morning. In and out, just like a hitman.

I am motivated, fit and ready to pedal hard. And, luckily for me, I'm in Wisconsin not the Madison Square Garden. Sounds like a terrible place. I wouldn't go there if I knew the way.

Back to relaxing.

Maxin, chillin all cool.


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