Friday, September 16, 2011

Living Hope Farm Homestay

We are staying in Harleysville, PA, for the Univest GP. The race itself is in Souderton, which is ~5 miles from here. But our host housing is really cool.

Cody's and My room
Today we rode to the course and did a couple laps. Kennett dropped me on the downhill, Gabe attacked me on the uphill, and Parrish threw a water bottle at Dan.

Chris got new gloves! Handerwear
The course is pretty cool, it's kind of a mixture of the Road Race from San Dimas, the Sunset Loop from Redlands, and the Tour De Delta road race. So combine all of those into a Venn Diagram and what you have in the middle is the Univest GP, with the main features being: Laps in neighborhoods, short steep hills, and positioning being crucial.

My favorite part during the pre ride (we'll see if I like it tomorrow...) was the approach to the finish line. You go up the KOM hill, which is about a 1K climb above 10%. Then there are two 90deg corners and you head back down the hill towards the finish line. The finish is shaped like a V- Straight for 1k, but you bomb down the hill into a steep uphill sprint. Awesome.
Picture of the Finish stretch in a Coffee Shop that we stopped at
The house we are staying at is a community farm. ( It is all non-profit, and people come and do work and get produce. We looked around, and I took lots of photos. So yeah, here's where we are, and we get to race bikes tomorrow!

Sorting Squashes
Onions and Garlic hanging from the roof of the barn

Where people come and get their weekly produce

Tonight our hosts are cooking us Kale, Chard, Squash, and Turkey. All the vegetables are from the garden. Probably picked today. FANTASTIC!

And finally, to harness the energy of a sign I saw today while riding.

I am feeling pretty muscular......

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