Saturday, June 11, 2011

Democratic decision 2011

To my readers. You spoke. I listened.

Dear Mom-

First of all, thanks for reading! I hope my delinquency doesn’t affect how you view me as a son. Also, The walnuts you gave me to eat on this trip were very good. I am writing to apologize for me blatantly disregarding your request to not follow through with the results of my poll.

However, I feel that this is necessary for me as a person. I wish to keep the respect of my blog readers, and they have spoken! As you can see in the results of the poll, “To Shave” was voted over “Not To Shave”, in an overwhelming victory: 41-24.

I want to thank everyone for your votes! Although mom, I know that you wish that more people had selected the “no” option, as you did yourself, I hope that when I return to Washington you allow me into your house. I greatly appreciate the bond that you had with my arm hair, yet it was time for a change. Perhaps I could make a donation to Locks of Love? I’m sure someone would find use of an Ian-Weave.

I guess what I’m trying to say mom, is that I blame the Tulsa heat. It is really traumatic to me to always ride with virtual arm-warmers. We go out in 98 degree (not the band) heat and I try and pull down my Castelli NanoFlex arm-warmers, and there is nothing to pull down! Alas, the answer lies in the razor.

Again, I wish to apologize for disobeying your wish of not shaving. I hope that this doesn’t affect how you view me as an adult.

Thanks for your understanding, and I’ll call home soon.

Love, from your son,


I was really hoping that our host family would have some form of hair clippers here. A buzzer, beard trimmer, dog hair clipper- ANYTHING. Unfortunately, there was no form of that here. I was forced to find alternatives. 
Tried to burn it off first. No luck
Duct-Tape waxing? No-go
Big clippers? Too clumsy
Sharper clippers? Too dangerous
Awww yeah, just right!

Locks for <3

So now I am experiencing all sorts of new sensations, as pulling on a shirt is a bit different. I can't guarantee that I will keep it like this, as I have yet to go riding and feel the wattage-gains.  But it sure feels great to be 10 lbs lighter!

Thanks for voting!

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