Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ways to Make Your Hotel a Home

When faced with an other than optimal hotel room situation, you are forced to adapt, improvise, and edit said room until it fits your needs.

Now don't get me wrong about the place we are staying- its a bed, a roof, a bathroom, a shower, a stove, sink, etc, so I can't complain too much. Unfortunately, the extended stay hotel doesn't have any sort of dishes, pots and pans, large towels, good scents, non-broken beds, Jordan found a cockroach, there are stray animals, AND you are explicitly forbidden from working on your car in the parking lot.

So to make this bedroom liveable for the next several days, we've been doing some improvising and making-do.

First, the towels provided in our room were awful small! I thought that they were hand towels, so I went to the front desk and said "We only got small towels in our room, they're about this big (made hand gesture)". She then gave me two more small towels.

The biggest towels provided!
Next, our room has some really nice decorations. The painting was so nice, they thought they'd use it twice in the room!

Laundry rack!

Our hotel has a cat. And it wanders around. And it knows how I feel about cats. It taunts me

Unfortunately, our room smelled pretty badly of cigarette smoke. The hotel suggests that it is non-smoking, but our room came with an ash-tray! Nice!

 Lang doesn't like eye masks, but it's bright! So pillows suffice.

To deal with the lack of dishes, I bought some nice tupperware that I plan on bringing home. And I plan on doing that because they are nice, and have matching lids. But now only 2/3 have matching lids because I used one lid to help glue a tire, and then lost it.

We thought our room lacked a little personality. We're always having friends over and entertaining, but its a bit awkward to hang out all on beds. So we got a sofa! Balllllin 

 Just entertaining guests.

Check who's creepin under the towel!
And after a long day of hotel life, just go ahead and creep.


  1. I'm sorry. I just have to say something. I can't keep quiet about this. I couldn't concentrate on the blog post once I saw the picture of you in the towel. I suspect Winger hijacked your site and photoshopped your head to about 189% larger than it should be. At first I thought that it was a picture of Lang.

  2. The cat just wants to party with the cool kids. You said you accept guests! Or maybe it's hooked on glue.

  3. please tell me you brought creepie kitty home.

  4. and apparently my blog name is pnut.. but my real name is rhae. wth. sooooo confusing.

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