Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back in Agoura Hills! What a Relief!

After an immensely inconvenient two-weeks of trying in school, it finally became time to come to California for team camp. I got the pleasure of driving down in the team van, and instead of talking about that, you should watch this video:

So fast forward 20 hours and we got to our base for the next week. Before that, I held my bladder for roughly 4.5 hours and may have imploded a kidney.

So we're here, in Agoura Hills. New for this year is that instead of staying at the Malibou Lake house, we took over a building of a YMCA camp. Features include breakfasts made for us, huge rooms, and primal wall art of one hawk eating another hawk. Vicious.

My favorite part about today was how everyone knew that we had a breakfast to get to between 8 and 845. Of course by everyone I mean everyone but Kennett- the person who would love a free buffet style meal the most-est out of every one of us. Poor Kennett.

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

That is a dangling moose. Huh?
Sorry, I must go walk around in my boxers more.



  1. Nice blog post! Really life in Agoura is worth living. After reading your blog I was lost in memories of Agoura Hills. Due to some reasons I need to shift to other location, so I sold my old home with the mclaughlin group help.

  2. For your consideration.