Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This site! Today marks the one-year anniversary of me posting my first blog on the interwebs for three whole people to read.

Cupcakes are the modern mans birthday cake
Thanks for sticking with me through the year, or if you're a new reader, you better continue reading for a whole year. Or else. Just kidding, but I do like when people read the site, so not really. But sort of.

This last year has brought a whole bunch of cray cray, and I am pretty excited to continue to grow my get rich ideas for awhile to come.

Here are things that I plan to do for the 2012 blogging season:
  • Do better
  • Blog more!
  • Create a get rich scheme that you all actually vibe with, that way I can accept donations to build, design, or create this- whatever it will be.
  • Write about winning something
  • More interactive blog posts
  • Capture a picture of Jesse hunting a bear
  • Teammate interviews

Basically what I'm saying is that I hope y'all aren't sick of me yet, because I'm not going anywhere. Are blogs aged like dogs? Most blog sites don't last very long because people run out of things to say, so does that mean that one year in blog age is actually quite older? Hopefully it's my blogs sweet sixteen today, so just like the MTV show I could have a massive, over-the-top fiesta with live performances by Ludacris, the Charlie Daniels Band, and Aziz Ansari.

Finally, as a gift from me to you-

Thanks for sticking with me
Me with a baby-mullet! How much style is oozing out of that picture right now?!?!!? A LOT!

Later Alligators (and crocodiles and other reptiles and mammals, and maybe some amphibians).

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