Friday, March 16, 2012

Now We're in Tucson, Wassup Old Pueblo?

I've teleported and am now in Tucson, Arizona. That is a really weird word to spell. This place is definitely not pronounced Tuc-Son, but rather Twosawn. In fact, that makes more sense and I will spend the rest of this post referring to this village here in the desert as Twosawn. Actually, change that plan. Let's add a little flavor by calling it 2sawn. So for you readers that can't follow logic, Tucson = 2sawn.

Danny, David, and myself drove* a fantastic rented minivan 9 hours from Agoura to 2sawn and got in around dinner time last night. Naturally, we needed to eat, and the events that occurred next were certainly unique.

But first!

The REAL University of Pheonix

Holy shit, that's a mammoth
*David drove the whole way

We decided that since we had been cooped up in a van all day we were going to walk to dinner. We are staying in an apartment smack in the middle of downtown 2sawn and because of its proximity to what we assumed was everything, we set off on a nighttime stroll.

As we walked around looking for someplace to eat, from behind us we hear "HEY. HEY I'M TALKING TO YOU". A man starts shouting at us from somewhere behind. We are immediately on edge, hands in the pockets, continuing forwards. This felt like a "we're about to get jumped" situation.  But wait! His name was Gabriel, and he was druuuuuuuuunnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Notable parts of this conversation-
to David- "you must be in the army. I like you. You're my buddy!"
to Danny- "You got your Mohawk you probably crazyyyy"

"Let me guess- You talk all the game and start the fight (to Danny), you jump in and back him up (to me) and you're the one who comes in and finishes it off! (to David)".

Side note. Danny is potentially the calmest person I've met

"My shirt is gangster, right?"

He was wearing this shirt:
Nothing says gangster like lobsters.

And finally, to a bike-carriage driver-
"Give me a lift man, I'm fat and I'm rich!"

So in a theoretical fight, Danny starts it, I'm the middle guy, and David finishes it off.

We returned to our host house to find out that the air mattress pump provided was by no means capable of pumping up the air mattress that we had. So we set to inflate this sucka with a modified bike pump. Roughly 25 minutes of pumping later, I had a bed.

In this situation, I started things (the pumping), then David figured out we needed to modify the pump, then Danny took over.

Two different situations, two different orders of operation.

Friday was quite the stressful day. I slept in, hung out at a coffee shop, went for a ride, hung out at a coffee shop, finished riding, ate a burrito, and hung out a coffee shop.

UofA Campus

A nice picture of Danny, David, and myself

Tomorrow I get to race my first crit of the season. David will start things off, Danny will be that middle guy, and I will finish it full tilt.

Time to ball here in 2sawn.

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