Monday, March 19, 2012

Return to Redlands

I'm back!

Redlands is a pretty awesome town, a pinting hard race, and just a good all around time.

After spending a majority of my life in 2sawn at Sparkroot coffee, we left. Drove back to Redlands through dust storms, rain downpours, and potentially snow. Weird. The four of us were all pretty g'd that we were in 2sawn and not San Dimas, because San Dimas had broken weather. Well, we got to drive in that weather, but it's now sunny here in Redlands. You're welcome.

We got into our host house last night and were greeted by an abundant arrangement of animals. Here's the tally-

3 dogs
3 cats
2 lizards
1 million fish
1 turtle


This is NOT an illusion! That cat really is that big. Need more proof?

Not pictured- the cat "kitty witty/blackie wacky".

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