Friday, March 2, 2012

Grab Hold of Something!

Holy Inspector Gadget I am super excited to pedal my bike with a number on my back. In fact, I've already pinned my number for the time trial tomorrow and I'm probably going to sleep in my skinsuit tonight.

Rewind. When I was younger I was really into baseball. I also was very superstitious. So superstitious that every game I'd draw a certain symbol on my hand, pull up my baseball pants the same way, and sleep with my jersey and my glove underneath my pillow. I'm sure that this had everything to do with me being way better than that kid who picked his nose in right field. Everyone knows they put the worst kid in right field.

Now however I've apparently become more interested in appearance than superstition because my current self wouldn't let a slept on wrinkly jersey exist on my back. So if you break into my house tonight, I will NOT be sleeping in my skinsuit or with it under my pillow.

Back to bike racing real quick, YES!


Here is an amazing statistic, there are 19 cat 1/2s registered for the TT tomorrow. What?!? That sounds like probably a record for this race.

Hold onto the millenium falcon Han Solo (geek alert) because we're going into that speed where the stars stop moving for a second and then you burst forward into super super speed. Right now (tonight, Friday) we're at that crazy moment where the stars don't move somehow, even though the ship is still moving (weird). Tomorrow, it's go time.

I'll breathe again in late September, which is just the way I want it.

Peace bros

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